Logmein Rescue License Agreement

LogMeIn Rescue License Agreement: Understanding the Terms of Use

LogMeIn Rescue is a powerful remote support software that allows technicians to connect to any computer or mobile device securely. It is commonly used in the tech support industry to troubleshoot technical issues remotely. However, before you start using the software, it’s essential to understand the terms of use stated in the LogMeIn Rescue License Agreement.

The LogMeIn Rescue License Agreement is a legal contract between you and LogMeIn, Inc., the company that develops and maintains LogMeIn Rescue, outlining the terms and conditions for using the software. The agreement covers various aspects of the software`s usage, including licensing, access, security, data protection, and indemnification.

Here are some of the essential terms you need to know about when using LogMeIn Rescue:

1. Licensing

The LogMeIn Rescue License Agreement outlines the licensing terms for using the software. It states that you must have a valid license to use the software, and your use of the software is subject to payment of fees. The agreement also specifies the limitations of use, such as the number of technicians allowed to use the software at a given time.

2. Security

The agreement emphasizes the importance of maintaining security when using the software. It states that you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your login credentials and any sensitive information transmitted through the software. It also requires you to implement appropriate security measures to ensure the software is not used for malicious purposes.

3. Data Protection

LogMeIn Rescue is designed to allow technicians to access and control remote devices. Therefore, data protection is a critical aspect of the software. The agreement specifies that both you and LogMeIn will comply with applicable data protection laws and regulations when using the software. It also outlines the steps LogMeIn will take to protect the data transmitted through the software, such as using encryption and other security protocols.

4. Indemnification

The LogMeIn Rescue License Agreement includes an indemnification clause, which states that you will indemnify and hold LogMeIn harmless from any claims, losses, or damages arising from your use of the software. It also requires you to defend LogMeIn against any legal action resulting from your use of the software.


As a professional, understanding the terms of use outlined in the LogMeIn Rescue License Agreement is essential for anyone using the software. By understanding the licensing terms, security measures, data protection, and indemnification, you can use LogMeIn Rescue safely and effectively while avoiding any potential legal issues.

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